Digital Comedy

Comedy Videos

Being selfless comedy heroes, we create tons of digital content (or “viral videos” as some simpletons call them) for our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platforms– from sketches to song parodies to talk-show panels and stand-up comedy clips.

EIC Outrage

An honest, balanced news comedy show with sharp writing and detailed research into burning topics that people are talking about. Over the years, EIC Outrage has slowly transformed into an unofficial news source for the Indian youth. We’ve completed two incredible seasons which have been critically acclaimed by news publications, activists, and even politicians, although we’ll take that last one with a pinch of salt.

EIC vs Bollywood

What started as a spiritual successor to the very popular Ghanta Awards, EIC vs Bollywood was a show that ripped on Bollywood movies. Over the years, it’s evolved and become a panel show where we explore some of Bollywood’s brightest minds (they do exist), from actors to directors, to gain insight into the industry and see Bollywood stars chilling out and talking about silly things.

EIC vs The World

EIC vs The World season 1 premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2017 and is the quintessential show about nothing. Four comedians sit around a table, have a few drinks and tell funny stories and anecdotes. Turn it on and you’ll have binge-watched the season before you know it! The latest season is now out on YouTube too!

EIC Songs

We’re terrible singers, but half decent writers. As a combination, that leads to parody song videos about funny, relatable content that’s garnered millions of views over the last couple of years. Some of our most popular songs include The Modi Song, The Donald Trump Song and The Goa Song.

We’ve racked up over 100 million views on YouTube over the last 5 years, with over a million subscribers. Keeping in mind the consumption pattern of each platform, we produced customized content on Facebook and Instagram, where we have over 1 million and 300,000 followers respectively.

Branded Content

Need an advertisement or an out-of-the-box concept to break the clutter, disrupt the marketplace, and other buzzwords? We’ve got a team of writers with comedy and advertising backgrounds to tailor scripts and campaigns for your product, and a kickass production team that brings them to life at very competitive prices.

We also have a team of social media content creators chomping at the bit to reconstruct your brand image, and content strategy, and let you worry about making money instead.

Students and young working professionals are our main audiences because they like consuming smart and relatable content. We can seamlessly integrate your brand into our videos, promising you ample brand visibility if you can promise us ample monies.

EIC won the 2018 Talent Track Award for Best Digital Branded Content for its association with Captain Morgan Rum.

Here are some of the other people we’ve tricked into working with us – because you can’t spell content without “con”.

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